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Tomato Sauce Free Spaghetti
Ingredients Spaghetti Noodles Ground Beef/Turkey Onions Italian Seasoning Olive Oil Parmesan Cheese Sage Salt Boil the spaghetti noodles Salt The Water Drain the noodles when done Put Olive Oil in pan Place meat in pan Cut up onions Place onions in pan Cook the meat until semi dried out Season the meat with the seasonings above Chop the meat until they are in crumbles Take the meat out but leave

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some of the drippings If cooking with ground Turkey add more olive oil Place some noodles in the pan Cook the noodles to dry the noodles out Season the noodles with salt When done: Take the noodles and place on a plate or in a bowl Put the meat on top of the noodles Have with Italian Bread Enjoy! Modify this recipe for your taste

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