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Easy Sweet Heat Chicken Recipe
Ingredients Chicken Thighs with the skin Onions Onion powder Garlic Powder Brown sugar Salt Cayenne pepper Butter Olive Oil These thighs are baked until crispy Take the bone out of the thighs Leave the skin on Thoroughly clean the chicken Place thighs on a pizza sheet Line the pan with parchment paper Place Olive Oil on the chicken Lightly season the chicken with salt And other seasonings that you would like Spread out the chicken Place the chicken in a preheated oven at 375 degrees Cook until chicken skin

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is crispy Sauce Recipe Place olive oil (about a cup) in a saucepan Place about a tablespoon of butter 2 teaspoons of sugar Shake some onion powder and garlic powder Add cayenne seasoning Cut up an onion and cook with the sauce Cook the sauce until the onions are translucent Take the chicken thighs and place in the sauce Leave the chicken things in the sauce until the chicken soaks up the sauce This sauce can go with: Chicken Fish Rice Noodles Seafood Enjoy!

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