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Crab Rangoons
Crab Rangoons Recipe Ingredient Fried wonton wrappers Cream cheese Crab meat ( imitation or real) Green onion Garlic powder Vegetable Oil Directions Make sure that the cream cheese is room temperature Place cream cheese in a bowl Place about a teaspoon of Garlic powder Cut up green onion Cut up crab meat finely Cool the crab meat for a few minutes to get rid of any germs or bacteria Season as you would like Place the crabmeat
in the cream cheese Stir until all the ingredients are merged Take the wonton wraps and place them on parchment paper Take the crab cream cheese filling and place some In the wonton Fold over and pinch the edges Heat grease in a pan or a deep fryer Gently place the wontons in the grease and cook until they are golden brown and crispy Let cool Dipping sauce Duck sauce Or mayo and mustard sauce Enjoy!

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