Fast Food
7 Day

Chicken Skewers
Chicken Skewers Ingredients Organic chicken Lemon Salt Pepper Green peppers Yellow peppers Onions Olive oil Lemon/lime Seasonings of your choice Cheese cloth Skewed Directions Cut your chicken up in large chunks Soak the chicken in salt for about an hour and a half Once the chicken is soaked rinse your chicken off Take your cheese cloth and take about a handful of chicken and squeeze the water out of the chicken You want your chicken to be dry Put your chicken in a bowl and pour some olive oil and place your seasoning in the bowl and mix the chicken well in the mix Once your chicken is fully coated with your seasoning it is time to place the chicken on the
skewers Place chicken first and then please onion Place chicken necks and then your green or red pepper Alternate this process until you have formed all of your skewers Once all of your skewers have been formed you’re going to pour a little bit more olive oil on each skewer and squeeze lemon or lime on top Get your pan and line it with parchment paper Place the skewers in the pan Place another piece of parchment paper on top and then your foil You are going to bake the skewers on 400° for about an hour and a half to two hours Once done served with a side of rice and some vegetables Enjoy!

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