Fast Food

Chicken And Biscuits Pot Pie
Ingredients: 7 ounce Carrots ¼ ounce of Thyme 2 tablespoons of Cream Cheese 1 clove of Garlic 2 cartons of Chicken Stock 1 Yellow Onion 2 tablespoons of all purpose Flour 1/2 celery diced One pack of Chicken Southern style Biscuitsany brand will do 2 teaspoons of olive Oil Pink Himalayan Salt 3 tablespoon of Butter Black ground Pepper Instructions: Preheat Oven to 425 degrees Clean your veggies and dice them up finely Cook your chicken Cut the chicken Season the chicken with salt and Pepper Stir the chicken and transfer the chicken to another pan Cook the veggies Season the veggies and let cook for about 5 minutes Let them cook
slow and don’t allow them to brown quickly To make the filling bring stock and 4 cups of water to a boil Add cream cheese and stir Add in veggies to the gravy Stir and transfer to your baking pan Add the Gravy with the chicken in the pan If the sauce is too thick, just add a little water before placing in the pan Get your biscuits Place them on top of the chicken and the gravy Bake the chicken and gravy with the biscuit dough on top Bake for about 20 minutes When done brush biscuits with butter Let cool and serve

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