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Grilled Cheese Burger Recipe
Double cheeseburger Recipe Ingredients American cheese Ground Beef/Turkey Salt Pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Sliced Bread Olive oil Instructions Season up meat real good Make two grilled cheese sandwiches with two slices of cheese in both Place a slice of bread in a greased pan Put 2 slices of cheese on the bread Place another slice of bread on top Flip the grilled cheese over and press slightly on the grilled cheese This will help the bread to stick to
the cheese and melt Place a ball of meat in a hot skillet Smash the burger while In the hot pan Use two patties Place two slices of cheese on the Pattie’s Make sure the burger is well done Before placing the cheese on Once done, take the Grilled cheese sandwiches and make them the buns Place the cheeseburger in between the grilled cheese sandwiches Have with a side of Fresh Cut Fries Enjoy!

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