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Savory Turkey Wing Recipe
Turkey Wing Recipe Ingredients Turkey wing flats and Drums Onions Onion powder Salt Pepper Italian seasoning Mustard Caribbean seasoning Paprika Turkey Wing Preparation Soak Turkey wings in vinegar water with salt Soak for at least an hour Pat Dry In a Bowl Place the wings in the Bowl Put about a 1/2 a cup of mustard on the wings Take a spoon and stir the wings in the mustard Make sure that the wings are thoroughly covered In the mustard Season the wings to your liking Make sure that the wings are not pale They should

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be brown with seasoning Baking the wings Place the seasoned Turkey Wings in a pan Cut up some onions and place in the Turkey Wings Sprinkle paprika on the top of the wings Cover the wings with foil Poke holes in the top Just 4 holes Bake on 375 degrees for about 4 hours depending on the type of stove that you have Take the foil off and allow to bake on 385 for about 30 minutes The wings should be caramelized and brown Have with rice and veggies Enjoy!

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