Fast Food

Low Carb Bacon Egg And Cheese
Ingredients: Boiled eggs Cheddar cheese slices Turkey bacon Salt Pepper Boil the eggs hard and keep the yolk The trick to making a perfect boiled egg is as follows Place eggs in cold water with salt Boil for about 20 minutes Let the eggs cool off Speed the process by placing in cold water Take the hard boiled egg and hit the flat part of the egg and the bottom It should break and have a
space Peel the shell gently to keep the egg intact Fry your bacon or place it in the oven Get some cheddar sliced cheese Cut the egg down the middle Place cheese and about a quarter slice of bacon on one half of the egg Top it off with the other half Shake some salt and pepper in the top Place a toothpick down the middle to keep it in place Great for appetizers Enjoy!!

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