Fast Food

Deli Sub With Sweet Wings And Cheese Fries
What do you like on your Deli Style Sub? Well this hoagie has the works in it. Along with this sub, add some chicken and fries. You will be full and satisfied. Ingredients: Turkey lunch meat Bologna Pastrami Onions American Cheese Oil vinegar Oregon Season Sub or Hoagie Roll Mayonnaise Mustard Pepper Chicken Sweet Sauce Wingettes Blue Cheese Fries Nacho Cheese Bacon Bits Tomatoes You can either make your chicken fresh or you can get premade wings. Add some sauce and dip and blue cheese. Get some frozen fries
and some nacho cheese with some bacon bits. Fry or bake your fries and heat your nacho cheese up. Place nacho cheese and bacon bits on top. Toast A sub roll. Place a layer of mayonnaise on the bread place your meat on top of the bread. Place your onion and tomato and then a slice of cheese. You could put oil and vinegar on the sub, it is optional. Add your seasonings and you’re all set. Enjoy!!

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