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Loaded Cheese Fries
Ingredients 1 lb Ground beef/Turkey/chicken Bacon 1 lb hot Italian sausage 2 Garlic cloves 1 Green onion 1 jar of Jalapeños 1 Onion 1 Red onion 1 diced beef steak tomato 1/4 cup of All-purpose flour 1/4 tsp of Cayenne pepper 1/2 tsp of Salt 1 package of Taco seasoning 2 tbsp of Olive oil 1/4 cup Of unsalted Butter 4 cups of shredded Cheddar cheese 1 pack of Sour cream 2 cups of Whole milk Frozen Fries Place some olive oil in a skillet Place meat in the pan and separate the meat with a spoon Dice the onion Place in with the meat Cook until mean is done Place some bacon in the skillet Cook
until super crispy Crumble the bacon and place to the side In another pan make cheese sauce Place milk, flour, butter and jalapeños in the cheese mix Just a little bit of jalapeños Stir until thickened Place your fries in some hot grease Cook until crispy and browned Once the fries are done, let the fries dry off on a piece of cheese cloth Dice up some tomato Take fries and place them on the plate Place meat on top and Pour cheese sauce on top Sprinkle cheese next Place diced tomatoes, jalapeños and sour cream on top Sprinkle the bacon crumbles on top Serve and enjoy!

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