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Grinder Sandwich
INGREDIENTS⠀ Organic Italian Bread Loaf⠀ Natural Organic Cheese (Provolone, American) Fresh Sliced Deli Meat (low sodium no Nitrites) Low Sodium Bacon⠀ Beef Steak Tomato Un salted Butter⠀ GRINDER SALAD INGREDIENTS ⠀ One half Head of Iceberg Lettuce, Washed⠀ 1 Cup of Mayonnaise Small Red Onion⠀ Minced Garlic Red Wine Vinegar, Mild Banana Peppers Basil, Oregano, Powder Garlic, Powder Onion, Red Pepper Flakes ⠀ Salad Instructions Combine mayonnaise, red wine vinegar, minced garlic, seasonings, desired amount of banana pepper Stir together slice lettuce & red onion Pour mayo dressing over the lettuce and stir 4 Cover +

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refrigerate for 15-20 Refrigerate for about 20 minutes ⠀ Step By Step Sandwich Instructions Preheat the oven to 350 degrees⠀ Cut bread in half and pull out the bread from the middle Place cheese on the bread and heat for about 5 minutes Remove from oven, layer lunch meat and shake some parmigiana cheese on top heat for 5 minutes Remove the sandwich from the oven Place tomatoes and Grinder Salad on top Shake some more Italian season on top Don’t forget the Bacon! Close the Sandwich Enjoy with some chips ⠀

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