Fast Food

Turkey Cheese Burger Bowl
This recipe is quick and easy Ingredients: low sodium Turkey burgers Sliced Cheddar cheese Sliced Gouda Cheese Onions Shredded Lettuce Tomatoes Salt Pepper Rice Optional Mayo Hot sauce Sour cream Make your burgers and season to your liking When the burgers are close to done,add your onions to the pan Allow the onions to caramelize Place the onions on top of each patty Turn the heat off and place the cheese on top Place
a top over the burgers and allow the cheese to melt with the heat from the burgers How to make the bowl Place shredded lettuce on the bottom Place rice on top of the lettuce Add the cheesy burgers on top of the rice Place the tomatoes on the side Add your condiments Mayonnaise Hot sauce Sour cream It’s all up to you Enjoy!

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