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Veggie Sub On Pita Bread
Veggie Pita So going plant-based will probably be one of the most important decisions that you ever make in your life It will be a little bit challenging in the beginning because meat has become a staple in most people diets The key to going plant based, is to start off slow and make sure that you have a good support system This is a great beginner’s recipe This is plant-based but not
vegan Pita Cucumbers Beef steak Tomatoes Red onions Mayonnaise Olive oil Rice vinegar Ground black pepper Italian seasoning Toast the pita bread Wash off your veggies thoroughly Slice your veggies thin Place some Mayo on the pita bread Place as many veggies as you would like on your pita bread Shake some black pepper and Italian seasoning on the veggies Pour some olive oil and rice vinegar on top Have with a nice glass of Lemonade along with a pickle and some chips Enjoy!

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