Fast Food

Chicken Teriyaki Wraps
Chicken Teriyaki Wraps 4 cups Chicken of cooked chicken 1 cup of purple Cabbage 1 cup of shredded Carrots Lettuce 1 cup of Cilantro 1 cup of Cucumbers 1 cup of Green onions 1 cup of Red bell peppers 1 cup of soy sauce low sodium 5 oz Vermicelli rice noodles ( optional) 7 flour tortillas Do not use canned chicken if you can help it Get some white meat chicken and cook it Season it up the way that you
would like Cook the cabbage and veggies Not too much Just take the crunch out of it Place your soy sauce in sparingly into the chicken Follow the directions on your rice noodles Heat up the wraps Follow the directions Place the chicken along with the cold and hot veggies in the wrap Place the wrap in the pan to seal it Dipping Sauce Place your cucumbers in some Mayo with dill seasoning with salt and pepper Mix it up

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