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Grandmas Homemade Grits Recipe
This recipe is near and dear to my heart My Grandmother could really make some grits I hope that this recipe helps you with knowing how to make them nice and tasty for your family Ingredients: Grits Chicken Salted cubes Pepper Butter Tools Wooden spoon Double boiling plan Pot So the trick is to get a pan and place a tool called a double boiler in to keep the grits from sticking So this is how you make the grits You will measure the grits out 2 to one Boil your water 4 cups of water would successfully make 2 cups of grits Make sure that you place your grits in boiling water You can salt your water as well Use about a half of teaspoon of salt Now
if you are going to use the double boiling method Place water in the pan, About a cup depending on how big the pan is In the double boiler pan, it sits inside of the pan with the boiling water The grits are going to cook with the steam You are going place about two cups of water in the second pan Once it’s boiling place your grits in and stir Keep stirring Place your chicken salted cube in and keep stirring Place butter salt and pepper in your grits Watch the grits smooth out and thicken Have for breakfast lunch or dinner Add shrimp or bacon for a quick meal Also you can add cheese Enjoy!

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