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Noodles With A Fried Egg Recipe
Ingredients Spaghetti Noodles Eggs Curry Red Pepper Flakes Salt Pepper Lemon Pepper Olive oil Instructions Boil your noodles Salt the water Place noodles in boiling water Boil for about 7 minutes Drain the noodles Save some noodle water Fry your egg any way that you would like Place egg to the side Place some olive oil in the pan Place some noodles in the hot pan Season your noodles with all of the seasonings listed above Pour some oil on
the noodles Make sure that you put some curry and lemon pepper in the noodles This is the main flavor Pour the noodle water in the noodles Stir until all of the seasoning are dissolved Sauté unto the noodles are firm but tender Take the noodles out and place them in a bowl Place the fried egg on top Cut up a few cucumbers and place some salt and pepper on them Enjoy!

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