Fast Food

One Whole Organic Free Range Chicken
Garlic and herb Roasted Chicken One whole organic free range chicken 10 Baby potatoes sliced 7 whole cloves Garlic 2 tsp Garlic powder 2 Onion 3 tbsp Parsley 1 tsp dried thyme 2 tsp Black pepper, ground 2 tsp Paprika 2 tsp Salt 2 tsp sage 4 tbsp Olive oil Clean your chicken Rub the whole chicken down with olive oil This helps
to crisp the skin and to help the seasons to adhere to the chicken Season your chicken very well Bake your chicken and potatoes together Cook on 375 degrees for about 2 hours with foil Take foil off and allow to brown in the oven for another 35 minutes Serve with some string beans Enjoy!

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Eggplant Parmesan

Cinnamon Bread

Turkey And Ham Club Sandwich

Homemade Chalupas

Butter Garlic Steak With Potatoes

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