Fast Food

Southern Fried Fish
Southern Fried Fish 4 lbs of your choice of fish 1/2 tsp Seafood seasoning 2 tsp Garlic powder 2 tsp Onion powder 2 tsp All-purpose flour 2 cups Cornmeal, yellow 2 tsp island seasoning or seasoned salt 1tsp Lemon pepper 1 olive oil 2 tsp Accent Fresh lemon Make sure that you soak your fish in salt water for about an hour or two This helps with cleaning the fish Pat the fish dry Mix al of the ingredients in a bowl Place the fish in the mixture and press it into the fish This
will make the fish crispy Heat up your oil in a nice size pan Once the grease is nice and hot…place just three pieces of fish in at a time Do not place any more in to avoid the grease from cooking off Take the fish out of the grease once it’s golden brown and crispy Place on a cooling rack Make sure the excessive grease is dried out of the fish Have the fish with some home cut fries and hot sauce Don’t forget the lemonade

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