Fast Food
7 Day

Raspberry Crunch Ice Cream
Produce 5 cups Raspberries, ( fresh or frozen) Vanilla hard cookies 1 cup of All-purpose flour, unbleached 1/8 tsp Baking powder 7 tbsp Brown sugar, packed 1/4 tsp Cinnamon 2 tbsp Cornstarch 1/2 cup Granulated sugar 3/8 tsp Sea salt, fine 2 tsp Vanilla 4 tbsp unsalted Butter 4 oz Cream cheese 2 cups Heavy cream 2 cups of Whole milk Liquids A quarter of a cup of water Get some cookies and crush them up The vanilla cookies with the cream How to Prepare the ice cream: Place raspberries, granulated sugar and 1/4 cup 9f water in a food processor Blend it very well and strain It should make about 2 cups Take about 3/4 cup puree and set it aside The purée that’s left, pour into a small saucepan Bring the purée to a simmer Cook over medium heat and cook until thick and has the consistency of ham This should take about 7 to 9 minutes Let the purée cool completely

 In a large pan, combine some milk, cream, and the remaining 3/4 cup of sugar Add the salt Cook until it is simmering Make sure that you stir the sugar
until completely dissolved

Place the cream cheese and cornstarch in two separate small mixing bowls Take a deep spoon and add the 1/4 cup milk mixture into each bowl Take a whisk and stir each bowl until smooth Pour the cornstarch mixture into the remaining milk mixture in a saucepan Place the mixture on the heat Once it boiling, cook and stir until the mix slightly thickened Do this for about 2 to 3 minutes Remove the pan from the heat; Use the whisk in the cream cheese mixture along with some vanilla Pour about 3/4 cup raspberry puree in the mixture Transfer the mixture to a large bowl Refrigerate over night
 Take the mixture and transfer it to to an ice cream maker Freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions Add in 2 cups of cookie crumbles Take about half of the ice cream to and place it in a 2 quart container Take the purée and drizzle interject ice cream Take a butter knife and gently swirl the purée through the iced cream Do this layer by layer Put more cookie crumbles on top

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