Fast Food

Homemade Cheese Steak Subs
One of the best tastes out there is a nice cheese steak sub with all of the fixings. You can make this right at home with the right ingredients. Ingredients Thin sliced Prime Rib Onions Peppers Provolone cheese Salt Pepper Mayonaise Hoagie Sub Bread Lettuce and tomatoes are optional. Place the thin sliced steak in a pan. Cook the meat thoroughly and season with salt. Once the meat is fully done place three slices of provolone cheese on top. Make sure that the cheese has melted. Take

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the meat out of the pan. Do not clean the pan. Place onions and peppers in the grease to give it flavor. Take the meat and place it inside of the bread after you have already placed mayonnaise on it. Place your pepper and onions on the top. Place another piece of cheese on top. Wrap the sub up to give it that fast food taste. Have this meal with a side of crispy fries and iced tea. Enjoy!

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