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Apple Butter Wings
Apple Butter Wings Ingredients Apple Butter Mustard Salt Sage Caribbean seasoning Lemon pepper seasoning Olive oil Make sure to purchase the whole wings Cut the wings with some Kitchen Shears Leave the fin on as well ( Optional) Clean the wings Soak the wings for about an hour or so Pat the wings dry to get the water off of the wings Take the mustard and saturate the wings Place the other seasoning on the wings Put the olive oil on the wings as well Take your
hands and stir the wings and make sure the seasonings are on the wings Add the apple butter on the wings as well Pre heat the oven to 400 degrees Get some parchment paper because these wings will be nice and sticky Line the pan with parchment paper Place the wings on the pan Bake the wings for about 30 minutes on each side Cook until golden brown and crispy Serve with a side of Mac and Cheese Enjoy!

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