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Honey Lemon Pepper Wings
4 lbs of whole wings 2 tsp of all season 2 tsp of black pepper 2 tsp of cayenne pepper 1 tbsp of lemon pepper 1 tbsp of garlic powder 2 tsp of Italian seasoning 3 eggs All purpose flour Buttermilk Honey Hot sauce Peanut Oil Corn starch Wings Cut the wings in half Remove the Wing tip Soak in butter milk Add some cayenne and seasonings to the buttermilk Soak for 2 hours to over night Take the wings out of the butter milk Get a bag Place about 2 cups of flour in the bag Season the flour Taste the flour to make sure that it is well seasoned Make an egg wash Place seasoning and a drop of hot sauce to the egg wash Place your buttermilk and egg wash drenched wings in the bag Toss the wings in the bag to make
sure that the wings are fully covered Heat up Peanut oil in a skillet Test the grease by placing a little flour in it If the flour dances across the grease, that means that the grease is hot enough Place the wings in and let them cook on one side Turn them In the grease Cook until golden brown Sauce Honey Lemon pepper seasoning and a little bit of water Add some Hot sauce Cook until it loose but thickened Put about a teaspoon of corn starch to thicken if needed Place sauce in a metal tossing bowl Take the hot chicken and place it in the bowl Toss the chicken in the sauce Make sure that the wings are fully covered in sauce Have with a side of Ranch Dressing Ranch Dressing Sour cream Onion powder Garlic powder Dill Ranch seasoning packets Stir up and let chill Serve Enjoy!

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