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Summer Squash Pancakes
Summer squash pancakes This recipe is great for someone who is just starting their plant-based lifestyle If you thought that pancakes is something of the past, well you’re wrong These pancakes will give you that nostalgic feeling of traditional pancakes without the guilt Ingredients: Summer squash Almond milk Eggs Cinnamon Sugar Salt All purpose flour Blueberries (optional) Cook your summer squash for about 10 minutes Smash the squash until it’s fully Puréed Take 2 cups of puréed squash and place in a mixing bowl Place all of your ingredients in accept for the flour and the eggs You are going to taste the mix first before adding these two ingredients If you want to put blueberries in the mix, make sure that you purée the blueberries to avoid having the pancakes

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lumpy Add two eggs, One half of a tablespoon of cinnamon, And a cup of almond milk You can make this recipe as sweet or as salty as you would like You are going to season to your lifestyle Once all of your ingredients are thoroughly mixed, it is time to make the pancakes Get a medium pan and use olive oil Use a Half cup measuring utensil to pour into your hot skillet Do not make your pancakes too big or thick because this will impede the cooking process of the pancake Before turning the pancake make sure that the edges are fully Crispy Once your pancakes are done, you can place your syrup and butter on top and enjoy!

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