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Fish Sub Recipe
Ingredients Whiting Fish Mustard All purpose Flour Corn meal Salt Pepper Curry Lemon pepper Chilli pepper seasoning Vegetable Oil Bakery sub Rolls Mayonnaise Tomatoes Lettuce Onions Fish Preparation Soak Fish in salt water for about an hour Dry fish off Batter preparation Mix flour and corn meal together Season the flour Place in a gallon plastic bag Shake up Heat oil in pan Pat fish dry Place fish in mustard first After that place in the batter bag and make sure that the fish is covered well in the flour Place the battered fish in the hot oil Only place about 3 pieces of fish per batch to keep the oil from cooling off Bake Sub rolls on 375 for

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10 minutes Cut up the onions Lightly sauté the onions in a pan Dressing up the Sub Take the sub roll And place a generous amount of Mayonnaise on it Place lettuce and tomato on one side Take the hot fish and place on the other side Place the fried onions on top of the Hot fish Put salt and pepper on the tomatoes Place the side with the tomatoes and lettuce on top of the fish Take some foil and place sub on the inside Close up tight This will help the sub to congeal Have with a side of fries Don’t forget the hot sauce!

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