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Crispy Spicy Wings With Homecut Fries
Ingredients: Chicken Wingettes All purpose flour Eggs Potatoes Olive oil Hot sauce Barbecued sauce Ketchup Mustard Salt Pepper Fries Clean your potatoes thoroughly Do not peel the skin Slice the potatoes long ways thin Take the thin cut potatoes and cut them long ways Place the fries in a bowl of ice water for about 30 minutes Place the fries on a paper towel to dry them off Make sure that the grease is hot and drop the potatoes in the grease Cook until golden brown Chicken wings Soak your wings in himilayan salt for about an hour or over night Dry the wings off Do not season the chicken wings Make an egg wash Place salt, pepper and other seasonings

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that you may desire Place all purpose flour in a big mixing bowl Dip the wings in the egg wash first Next dip in your flour Make sure that the wings are fully covered in grease Press the flour into the chicken Place the wing in hot grease Cook thoroughly Sauce Mix ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce and a little bit of olive oil all together Be creative with the measurements Dip the hot chicken in the sauce Fully cover the wings Bake Place the saucy wings in the oven on 425 degrees Bake for about 30 minutes to seal the sauce and make them crispy Have with a side of ranch or blue cheese

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