Fast Food

Butter Garlic Steak With Potatoes
Ingredients Tender Steak (NY Strip Steak) 4 tablespoons olive oil Yukon Gold Potatoes Salt Pepper Garlic Onions Peppers Red Wine Vinegar Take a mallet and tenderize your meat or you can just buy the meat already cut fine Go to your butcher at the grocery store Season the steak with salt pepper and any other ingredients that you have Heat up a skillet Place some Olive oil in a pan Place your steak in the pan Pour about a tablespoon red wine

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vinegar Make sure that the steak gets done Add in a teaspoon of sugar Cut up your vegetables Add in the veggies when the steak is 90% done Potatoes Wash the potatoes thoroughly Parboil the potatoes Leave the skin on for more nutritious benefits Once done slice up the potatoes Turn down the steak and place the potatoes in with the steak and veggies Pour in some beef stock and let cook Let it thicken Serve with Rice and Enjoy!

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