Fast Food

Beef And Cheese Quesadillas
Ingredients ground beef onion taco seasoning water taco sauce cheddar cheese flour tortilla butter Spray the skillet with cooking oil ,and butter one side of both tortillas Fry the meat and drain the fat and add seasoning and a little water. Take the meat out of the pan. Do not clean the skillet. Spray with cooking oil and put tortilla butter side down and add cheese and meat to the taco sauce. Add more
cheese and place tortilla on top. Butter and brown on bottom put a paper plate on top of the tortilla and flip the pan. Slide the quesadilla off make sure that there is no grease in the pan dab with a napkin if you need to. Slide the tortilla back on the skillet and spray again with cooking oil , butter side down . Enjoy with some guacamole.

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